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The aim of the program is to train competent English teachers and researchers who are equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills in the field of foreign language teaching, have advanced English proficiency, can use technology effectively, can establish interdisciplinary connections, have scientific, critical and creative thinking skills, adopt lifelong learning as a principle. Being able to follow and evaluate contemporary principles, methods and techniques developed in the field of English Language Education, and implement them in the light of student needs; knowing the ways of accessing information resources; constantly improving itself professionally and socially; The main objectives of our department are to train well-equipped English teachers with effective communication skills who can contribute to the solution of language teaching problems. In the undergraduate program, there are courses on learning and teaching English as a foreign language, educational sciences, linguistics and English Literature, as well as courses aimed at increasing the English proficiency of teacher candidates. In addition to these courses, our students contribute to their cultural and professional development by taking elective courses for their individual interests. Research projects have an important place in our program. In the last year, they have a chance to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom environment by taking the teaching practicum organized by the Department in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, within the framework of the Teaching Practice course.